21emaildays challenge

I started #21emaildays challenge.
In these 21 days, I will use email instead of using #Facebook and other social media messaging service. https://samratbarua.wordpress.com/

I posted this on my facebook and stopped using messenger.

Nothing is impossible. I will come with updates on this research.



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Who are artist ?


  • Artist people are super sensitive, they both take in the world, with intensity. Artist takes the world and reworks into his art.They play role in the society, they take the world, then repackage it.Cinema allows us to enter the mind of somebody else for real.Arts is the life that reveals the truth.I am chasing my blessing, I am following something that I am interesting.’;; Man can’t live, if he can’t find the way to bridge, the infinite with the fine arts.That’s is the human condition.  I think that’s us.

  • Samrat Barua, Theatre and Tv actor

2nd day of #21emaildays challenge

Well, It’s my 2nd day of #21emaildays challenge.
I’m feeling a bit weird that I turned off chat ,not talking unnecessarily and my facebook friends feeling its weird, some of them also laughing.Feeling like let’s turn on chat but I am in my challenge. I have started getting time to read article more and being able to concentrate on work. Seriously. But still, facebook messenger addiction is trying to bring me back to do chatting. Let’s see how long I can keep.

I will try to update with everyday feeling without using social media messenger. See you tomorrow. 🙂 . You can start with me too. Let me know how you feel.
#21emaildays #Day2

Read my ist day of #21emaildays https://samratbarua.wordpress.com/2018/02/04/21emaildays-challenge/

After 5 minutes from your birth!  

​After 5 minutes from your birth, they will decide for your name, your nationality, your religion and your sect… and you will spend the rest of your life fighting and stupidly defending things you don’t have any choice in choosing.

  • #Birth #newborn #choice 

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