I can’t tell my address!


There is a boy who lives in Asia. He doesn’t want to mention his country because the country going to known as Islamic terrorist country.

45 years ago, as far as I know, there happened a liberation war between East Pakistan vs West Pakistan. After East Pakistan got independent is declared the name as Bangladesh at 1971.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the founding leader of Bangladesh. He also had been killed on 15 August 1975 even after independence. 
Everything was fine whatever that time. But after that, if I talk about the current situation,  so-called Islamic mind, fanaticism is going on here.

Truly say, the boy feels unsafe, even he is a boy. Because he is a minority in Bangladesh. He is Buddhist.

Here people give more importance to Religion than Human, Humanity.

The boy is feeling sorry for his country, he doesn’t want to see his country like this.He wants to see Bangladesh not only a Green Beautiful country but also a Beautiful mind country.He wants to proudly mention his country name.

The boy wants to go live in Europe, anywhere in Europe where people don’t judge somebody by religion and do his graduation.